Astrojax: Next Generation Yo-Yo
The Grommet team discovers backyard toys from AstroJax. A three-dimensional toy that combines action....
$19.95 @
Slackers: Zipline Kits
The Grommet team discovers zip line kits and slack lines from Slackers. Kits to start learning slack....
$119.95 @
PassBack Training Footballs
Practice smarter with the PassBack Training Football. Its unique design allows you to throw it again....
$29.99 @
Name A Star
All of our name a star packages include a beautiful certificate with your name and details of your s....
$19.99 @
Ozobot: Color-Sensing Robot
This color-sensing robot, discovered by The Grommet, is a toy that infuses technology with the socia....
$49.99 @
Moo Mixer Supreme
Mix up some fun (and chocolate milk) with the Moo Mixer Supreme! This battery-operated cup with a co....
$14.99 @
PowerUp 2.0: Electric Paper Airplane Conversion..
Dramatically extend the loft and distance of your home made paper airplanes with the PowerUp Electri....
$16.99 @
Real Share Of Stock In A Company They Love
What better way to teach a kid about money! 100+ stocks to choose from. The recipient becomes a re....
$65.00 @
1 Acre Of Land On The Moon
1 acre on the Moon - Yes It's true! You can purchase land on the Moon. 100% legal and real! Moon pro....
$29.99 @
Squashed: 3-Dimensional Board Game
This strategy board game, discovered by The Grommet, is easy to learn and fun for everyone from 6 ye....
$27.95 @
Toysmith: Invention Kits - Green Rocket
Invention projects for kids by Toysmith discovered by The Grommet. Invention kits that make use of r....
$13.95 @
Personalized School Folders For Kids - My Name
These super fun My Name Personalized Folders are perfect for school or home! They will be the envy o....
$9.95 @
AntWorks Space Age Ant Habitat
The AntWorks Illuminated Ant Habitat gives you a front-row seat to the fascinating world of ants. T....
$31.99 @
Makey Makey
Just imagine becoming a technological genius: turn alphabet soup noodles into a functioning keyboard....
$49.95 @
LoopDeDoo: Bracelet Chains Kit
The Grommet team discovers LoopdeDoo Bracelet Maker, make friendship bracelets for friends. It allow....
$17.00 @
Personalized Kids Name T-Shirt - All Mine
Celebrate their name with our All Mine! Personalized Apparel. Their name will be featured in alterna....
$19.95 @
Personalized Photo Name Collage Frame
Capture all the wonderful memories of your children and showcase them inside their very own custom d....
$39.95 @
1 Acre Of Land On Planet Mars
1 acre on Planet Mars - Yes It's true! You can purchase land on Planet Mars. 100% legal and real! Pl....
$29.99 @
Moon Meteorite
Own the Moon - Authenticity is guaranteed for each piece of the Moon Meteorite Rock, which contains ....
$39.99 @
Modern Moose: Pendulum Clocks
The Grommet team discovers whimsical decorative clocks by Modern Moose. These funky clocks can stand....
$44.00 @
Personalized Kids Sweatshirt For Girls - Her..
Let your child feel extra special when she wears our Her Name Personalized Clothes. Our exlusive des....
$30.95 @
Adjustable Pink Finish Brass Angelica Dream Big..
Stylish, modern, adjustable brass bangle bracelet from the ""Angelica"" collection.....
$25.00 @
Planet Mars Meteorite
Own Planet Mars - Authenticity is guaranteed for each piece of the Planet Mars Meteorite Rock, which....
$39.99 @
Star Wars Vehicles Patent Wall Art | Fun Gift
Print displaying a collection of patents for Star Wars vehicles. 20x24 fine-art print available unfr....
$34.00 @
Pinblock Freestyle
When you play with building blocks, you tap into creative and analytical spaces in your mind. Pinblo....
$44.99 @
New Moon Girls (8-14)
Ad-free New Moon Girls Magazine is a community for learning & self-expression for girls in grade 3-9....
$40.95 @
Fun For Kidz
Fun For Kidz Magazine contains fun activities, no advertising, and no teen material. For ages 5-13.....
$32.95 @
American Girl (8 & Up)
American Girl Magazine is the most popular magazine in America for girls ages 8-12.....
$22.95 @
Personalized Girls Lunch Tote - Animal Print
She will be sure to be packing a stylish lunch in our Animal Print Personalized Lunch Tote. Personal....
$28.95 @
Chocolate Chip Cookie Novelty Round Pillow
This customizable Chocolate Chip Cookie Novelty Round Pillow is designed on the manualwwroundpillow ....
$31.95 @

Gift Ideas for 12 year old

A 12 years old is a full fledged tween. This is the last year of their life before they step into the fun and confusing world of teenage years. While turning 13 is a much bigger deal, a 12 year old is very similar to a 13 year old. Their choices are similar and most 12 year olds already consider themselves teenagers. In terms of development milestones, CDC considers 12 to 14 year olds as 'young teens' with very similar emotional and social growth patterns. Gifts for 12 year old on are very similar to gifts for 13 year olds. However, 13 is considered a milestone and at, people usually buy more expensive gifts for a 13th birthday compared to a 12th birthday.

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