Water Bottle With Storage Compartment
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Define Bottle
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Personalized Pocket Knife - Wood Handle
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Razor Pit Sharpener
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Man Candles
Why don't people make candles with scents that everyone likes?" 13-year-old Hart Main asked, sniffin...
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Personalized Choose Your Own Color Canvas Art
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Guitar Pick Punch
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Personalized Sisters/Friend Stepping Stones
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DIY Cupcake Planter Kit
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Great Minds Puzzles - Set Of 5
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1990s Retro Candy Assortment
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Literary Scarves
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Lab Test Games
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Urbano Trash Can
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Mik Amplifying Phone Case
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A44 Gaming Chair
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Scratch Travel Journal
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Stop Motion Animation Kit
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Press And Measure Herb Infuser
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Gift Ideas for 17 Year Old

Seventeen marks an age of independence, as teenagers are often driving their own cars, working after-school jobs, and planning ahead for college or their transition from high school into the workforce. Their lives are less carefree than they were just a year ago, but they still appreciate many of the same things - fashion, accessories, electronics, and outdoor gear that work with their active lifestyles. uGiftIdeas.com has plenty of great gift ideas for 17 year old teens.

Birthday gifts for a 17 year old should take into account their independent lifestyles, which means some gifts may take a practical turn. Auto Aid in a Bottle, available through uGiftIdeas.com, is probably not the first thing you'll find on a 17-year-old's wish list, but it can provide peace of mind by arming your teen with some staple safety essentials they may need in an emergency. Among those essentials are a forever flashlight, utility knife, screwdriver, digital tire gauge and more. Your teen can place it in the trunk of their car, and you'll both know it's there if needed.

Despite the digital camera incorporated in their cell phone, a nice portable digital camera may be the perfect gift for the 17 year old in your life. A sweet, portable and sturdy video/still camera combo like the GE DVX High-Def 1080p H2O& Shockproof Camcorder with 2GB SD Card can provide the extra camera power they want to take high quality digital stills and videos on the fly - no worries about perfect light or pristine surroundings. Teens can take this camera to the beach, the ski lodge, and everywhere in between for great random photo opportunities. Seventeen year olds like to travel light, so many of the gifts they might have welcomed at 16 may seem non-essential now. Luckily, teens love to snack, which means you can't go wrong with a gift basket of fruit and cheese or a tower of treats from Harry and David, the premier name in snack gift baskets. uGiftIdeas.com offers a wide variety of snack gift baskets that will satisfy a 17 year old's every snack attack.

Browse the uGiftIdeas.com website for a variety of gift options that will suit your 17 year old's changing needs, and let them know just how special they are.

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