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Lolo asked

I have signed up with an incorrect email, and when I change the email in my account settings, it remains the same incorrect address. How can I fix this?

Ivania Rountree asked

I need to chat with someone about an order

John Renaud asked

what are the shipping costs to Canada

Ann Conner Smart asked

Hi im 11 and i dont have a clue what i want for christmas.HELP...............

Norm Price asked

You should sell this product also see on facebook at

Jasmine Perez asked

Im gonna be turning 13 and I don't know what to ask for

Brianna Cameron asked

Just turning 12 year old daughter please help me with gift ideas she is into mine craft and monthly boxes she also likes stuffed animals please help

Mary Boots asked

I don't know what to get my father. He has everything he wants

Karen Nielsen asked

I need some ideas for 18 yo boy birthday who is into trucks and joining marines

S asked

My boyfriend is going to be 30 in June and havent a clue what toget him. He loves cars but doesnt want one of tjose experience things for cars. He has everything and havent a clue what to get him. He is going to ireland for his birthday so didnt want to pay for his flights and that was it. I need to get something else for him. Hes not into designer clothes .

TW asked

I have daughter gonna be 36 but only wants to buy gifts for 10 year old son and 14 year old daughter she's always working on farm and always trying to do for her family. I ask her what she wants and she says nothing. I need help

Esra Oz asked

gift for 21 yr old sis?

Kathie Lee asked

Valentine Gift For 21 year Boyfriend?

Justine Ratusz asked

im 15 and idk what I want for Christmas... I never thought bout it , any ideas

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