Best Gift Ideas of 2019

Lounge Doctor: Elevating Leg Rest
This vascular surgeon-designed elevating leg rest gets you in the right position to reap t....
$99.95 @
The USB Lighter Company: USB Rechargeable Lighter
Reach for a USB-rechargeable lighter that uses an electric charge—not fuel—t....
$30.00 @
HairMagic: Multi-Style Magic Hair Comb
Look pulled together with an easy updo courtesy of the magic hair comb. The stretchable be....
$19.95 @
Fun In Motion Toys: Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle Box
The Shashibo magnetic puzzle box is ever-evolving into new forms as you flip and fold it i....
$19.95 @
MagneButton: Magnet Closure Accessory
Decorative and double-sided magnet button. Strong enough to hold through 5 layers of thin ....
$16.00 @
Qwick Trim: Brisket & Meat Trimmer
Trim fat like a pro. This Made in the USA brisket and meat trimmer slices through fat and ....
$19.95 @
EyeVac: EyeVac Home Touchless Vacuum
No dirt line left behind thanks to a touchless vacuum that’s always ready to get to....
$99.00 @
Night Scout: Men's Rechargeable LED Beanie Hat
This LED beanie is a bright idea on a cold night. The USB-rechargeable light has three lev....
$14.99 @
Unbelts: Low Profile Stretch Belt
Unbelt is a women’s stretch belt that looks great, feels comfortable, and is easy t....
$38.95 @
Guard Your ID: Wide Identity Protection Roller
With identity theft protection stamps from Guard Your ID handy, it’s quick and easy....
$19.95 @
Finders Key Purse®: Key Purse Hanger
No more digging in your bag for keys. This purse key hook lives on your keys so you can ha....
$7.95 @
Wet-It!: Large Swedish Cleaning Cloth - 2 Pack
This set of two large Swedish dishcloths will keep you wiping, cleaning, and scrubbing for....
$24.95 @
The Avocado Sock: Wool Avocado Ripener
Ripen avocados fast with an adorably small sock (yes, a sock) made just for the job. The A....
$17.00 @
PillSuite: Personal Pill Pack System
Sort, seal, and separate your pills and vitamins into simple-to-take doses. This travel pi....
$39.95 @
Talisman Designs: Pie Decorating Tools
These pie-making tools will make your pastries picture-perfect. The pastry stamps imprint ....
$8.00 @
Gear Beast: Universal Smartphone Lanyard
This silicone smartphone lanyard holds a phone (with a case) and keeps it accessible. Ligh....
$9.95 @
WineBlock: Wine Stain Prevention Balm
Avoid red wine mouth without avoiding glasses of red wine. Apply this all natural balm to ....
$12.95 @
PureWine: The Wandâ„¢ Wine Filter
This one-use wine filter lets you enjoy wine without some of the unpleasant side effects. ....
$19.95 @
Aura Glass: No-Spill Aerating Wine Glass
A spill-proof wine glass that looks as good as it is enjoyable to sip from. Each glass spi....
$49.95 @
Gourmet Holiday Sleigh Christmas Gift Basket
This keepsake holiday sleigh is brimming with gourmet snacks that are ready to “open and....
$74.99 @
Tauten: LineWelder System
This fishing line welder gets rid of knot-tying altogether. Run the line through your hook....
$159.99 @
Peepsâ„¢: Carbon Eyeglass Cleaner
This carbon eyeglass cleaner leaves the inside and outside of your lenses smudge- and oil-....
$14.95 @
Across The Board: Wooden Tabletop Horseracing Game
Gallop to a victory. This horseracing board game has you race against other jockeys to rea....
$84.00 @
Lake Art: Custom Made Serving Tray
Functional art for your home, boat, or cottage. A bathymetric representation of your favor....
$169.00 @
North Country Wind Bells: Buoy Bells
Enjoy the sound of the sea at home with a buoy bell. Each bell is carefully made to recrea....
$44.95 @
Overnight Getaways
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life with one of our Getaway experienc....
$350.00 @
Wine Tasting Experiences
Cloud 9 Living offers a wide variety of wine experiences that are great for wine lovers. F....
$50.00 @
Beer Tours & Tastings
Spend a day tasting all the top beers in the area with our Beer Tours and Tasting Experien....
$50.00 @
Safer Alarms: Wireless Christmas Tree Fire Alarm
This wireless Christmas tree alarm puts safety at the top of your list. The ornament desig....
$69.95 @
Tangram Factory: Smart Rope
The Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that displays your jump count mid-air and in r....
$89.95 @

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