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Reclaimed License Plate Map
Artist Aaron Foster takes you on a recycling road trip with a one-of-a-kind handmade licen....
$3900.00 @
Vintage Stamp Collage Art
Though a bit of a square, the postage stamp is our kind of companion: well-travelled, tell....
$3000.00 @
Recycled Aluminum Moving Mosaic
When are recycled aluminum cans a thing of beauty? When they're the material used in Hanna....
$1160.00 @
Robot Bartender
When it comes to throwing parties, you're a mover, not a shaker: Expert at mingling, amate....
$1150.00 @
Lunar Ring
Daytime is for the ordinary activities of life, the ones you have to do. But nighttime is ....
$948.00 @
Game Used Base Stools
An innovative and functional way for baseball fans to keep their seats all year round, the....
$925.00 @
Milestone Drop Necklace
Carrying a hidden message to remind you of your most treasured moments, this gorgeous neck....
$925.00 @
Amethyst Tic-Tac-Toe
When you were a kid, a game of tic-tac-toe was just a sheet of paper and a pen away. You'd....
$895.00 @
Mini Lunar Earrings
Daytime is for the ordinary activities of life, the ones you have to do. But nighttime is ....
$848.00 @
Gothic Mechanical Clock
The first medieval European clockmakers were monks, who learned the art of building timepi....
$798.00 @
Milestone Bracelet
Evoking a peaceful river current and the sunshine that dances across its rippled texture, ....
$795.00 @
Mini Lunar Pendant
Daytime is for the ordinary activities of life, the ones you have to do. But nighttime is ....
$708.00 @
Milestone Bar Necklace
Inspired by a peaceful river current and the sunshine that dances across its rippled textu....
$625.00 @
Personalized Skyline Wedding Art
Whether it was a charming barn or a modern museum, celebrate the spot where you said "I do....
$600.00 @
Diamond Fairy Dust Necklace
One day, it occurred to jewelry maker Lee Ann Jones that a lot of women are "fairies" who ....
$598.00 @
Double Heart Diamond Necklace
Two tiny golden hearts sprinkled with pav? diamonds hang from the delicate gold chain of L....
$560.00 @
Globe Trotter Charm Bracelet
Go around the world in seven charms. London jewelry designer Alex Monroe took inspiration ....
$560.00 @
RGB Cloud Lamp
They say every cloud has a silver lining. In Richard Clarkson's interactive, sculptural st....
$530.00 @
Mountain Wedding Personalized Art
Whether you said your vows at the foot of a snow-capped mountain or surrounded by acres of....
$500.00 @
Beach Wedding Personalized Art
Perfect for a couple who commemorated their love on a favorite shore or a far flung island....
$500.00 @
First Kiss Personalized Art
Capture the magic of the couple's first kiss as man and wife. Chicago-based artist Alexand....
$500.00 @
Sand Fence Wedding Personalized Art
For a couple who commemorated their love on an idyllic shore, this personalized artwork ca....
$500.00 @
Seascape Cast Currency Sculpture
Stacey Lee Webber's imaginative vignette celebrates the diminutive, detailed works of art ....
$500.00 @
Vineyard Wedding Personalized Art
Capture the sights and smells of a picturesque wedding outdoors in a verdant vineyard with....
$500.00 @
First Dance Personalized Art
Commemorate the newlywed's first dance as man and wife with this timeless homage to old-fa....
$500.00 @
MLB - Limited Edition World Series Beanie
For the fan with Major League-level team spirit, this handcrafted limited edition beanie i....
$500.00 @
Wedding Waltz Personalized Art
Sweep the couple off their feet with this enchanting print that commemorates their first d....
$500.00 @
City Skyline Wedding Art
Help a happy couple celebrate the city where they said "I do" with this personalized skyli....
$500.00 @
Glass Flower Garden Wall Sculpture
Receiving a bouquet: absolute joy. Having to toss the dry petals? A true pity. Scott Johns....
$475.00 @
Yosemite Coat Rack
Yosemite is a natural wonderland. Its grandeur and beauty have inspired onlookers for cent....
$460.00 @

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