Jewelry Gifts Under $25

Personalized Charm Bracelet For Mom - Love,..
Round silver charm will be engraved with any single initialCharm hangs near the bracelet c....
$24.99 @
Personalized Charm Bracelet - Love, Grandma, Joy
Round silver charm will be engraved with any single initialCharm features a lobster claw c....
$24.99 @
Personalized Divot Tools For Golfers - Cutter &..
Engraved with any 1, 2 or 3 initial monogram Measures 3" L x 1.13" W x 0.5" D.3-in-1 item ....
$24.99 @
Pretty Peacock Necklace
Make like a peacock and wear this colorful necklace whenever you're trying to attract a ma....
$15.99 @
"Always Sisters Forever Friends" Necklace"
Set your sibling rivalry aside and show your sis some love! You'll warm her heart when you....
$10.72 @
Floating Crystal Heart Pendant
This necklace truly is a unique piece of jewelry. High-quality craftsmanship and ?floating....
$21.19 @
Teachers Inspirational Bracelet In Gift Box
Kids remember their teachers even after their school days are long gone. A meaningful brac....
$20.99 @
"A Teacher" Apple Necklace"
This necklace has a modern aesthetic and a pendant that has the properties of a mobius str....
$19.99 @
Nurse Pandora Style Bracelet
Casual enough for everyday wear. Great gift for any nurse on any occasion.....
$14.99 @
I Love Being A Nurse Bracelet
An ideal gift for RNs who love fashion and accessories. Attractive piece of jewelry that a....
$19.99 @
Nurse's Prayer Necklace
The Nurse's Prayer necklace is a great gift to give RNs for whom nursing forms a large par....
$24.95 @
Lifeline Heartbeat Pulse Necklace
Thoughtful, modern aesthetic and vital-sign detailing make it an ideal gift for nurses who....
$24.99 @
Nurses Prayer Heart Shaped Pendant
Nurses are special people and this necklace makes a special gift. The perfect present to g....
$19.65 @
Nurse Charm Bracelet
A charming nurse bracelet for any occasion.....
$24.88 @
Alex And Ani Mother Mary Bracelet
This bracelet is perfect for a friend who values their faith and loves jewelry!....
$16.42 @
Life Is Tough But I Am Tougher
Celebrate a resilient loved one! This silver bangle is a great way to acknoweldge women wh....
$24.99 @
Alex And Ani Initial Bangle Bracelet
This Initial Bangle Bracelet, like most pieces from Alex and Ani's jewelry line, is crafte....
$17.00 @
"I Love You More" Reversible Necklace"
Say “I Love You” with this reversible necklace! Inscribed with the words, â....
$20.99 @
Two-Layer Jewelry Box Organizer
Say sayonara to tangled necklaces. Kloud City's jewelry box organizer makes it easy to kee....
$15.65 @
Girlfriends Are Sisters We Choose For Ourselves
An attractive cuff bracelet engraved with sweet words. Show your BFF how much you love her....
$21.99 @
Sapphire Snowflake Pendant
Every snowflake is unique and this pendant is, too. Blue and white sapphires on this neckl....
$25.95 @
Alex And Ani Initial Bracelet
Personalize this popular Alex and Ani bracelet with recipeint's initial. Great gift for an....
$14.43 @
My Sister My Friend Necklace
If your sister is your best friend, you are a very lucky person. And so is she. Let your ....
$13.99 @
"Follow Your Own Star" Necklace"
Show someone how much you care with this inspirational life advice necklace. It's beautifu....
$22.99 @
Orchid Jewelry Tree
Beautiful and graceful jewelry holder unlike any other. Along with beauty, it comes with ....
$24.99 @
Water Bottle With Storage Compartment
Great companion for trips to the gym or anywhere else AND you can drink from it laying dow....
$11.99 @

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