Unique Gifts for Kids

Flashing Bike Light Kit
What's the fastest thing in the universe? Hint: It's even faster than your bike. The answe....
$25.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Kids Ergonomic Active Sitting Stool
Anyone who's spent more than 30 seconds with a child knows that holding still isn't usuall....
$80.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
DIY Bubble Gum Kit
Gear up for a DIY bubble-blowing contest with this kit that lets you make over a half poun....
$16.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Rainbow Music Desk Bells
Designed just like the bell you might find at the front desk of a hotel, these vibrant bel....
$39.95 @ Fatbraintoys.com
Video Game Creation Kit
Leap from cloud to cloud, blast grinning aliens, or save the handsome prince?there?s no li....
$30.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Revolutionary Water Powered Watches
Run, run, run. Like most watches, that's what this one does. Unlike them?but just like you....
$40.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Feelings Friend Book Sets
Help kids navigate tough feelings by teaching them important emotional coping skills. Each....
$44.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Bear Icon Personalized Kids Laundry Bag
Personalize with any name Holds various items while travelingCotton canvas bag with natura....
$19.99 @ PersonalizationMall.com
City Storage Bins
Ah, the chaos of the playroom. So fun to create, so hard to put back?unless you have these....
$28.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Bedtime Sensor Sleep Pal
The problem with most nightlights is that they stay on all night. Well, and also they aren....
$50.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Magnetic Good Behavior Chart
Childhood is for learning?and for learning how to learn. This engaging set for tracking pr....
$40.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
The Power Book
Kids don?t necessarily think about ?power? per se, but they do wonder: What makes a king a....
$20.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Anatomy Virtual Reali-Tee
So, where is your gallbladder? And what does it do exactly? Help kids learn all about huma....
$35.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
USA Coloring Tablecloth
Maybe your little one hasn't seen a Florida panther in person or smelled a Texas bluebonne....
$30.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Personalized Disney Jungle Book Story Book
Did you know that The Jungle Book movie from 1967 was the last film that Walt Disney himse....
$74.99 @ ItsThoughtful.com
Personalized Marvel 10 Year Collection
Since 1939 Marvel, then known as Timely Comics, has been inspiring fantasy seekers around ....
$79.99 @ ItsThoughtful.com
Personalized Christmas Story Collection
Kids don't need any help getting pumped up about Christmas Day, but this collection of swe....
$74.99 @ ItsThoughtful.com
Personalized Star Map
Beautifully designed star maps that show the unique alignment of the stars in a place and ....
$45.00 @ Underluckystars.com
Sky Nook
Designed with a comfortable pillow seat and fabric sides that nearly wrap all the way arou....
$39.95 @ Fatbraintoys.com
Cozmo Robot
Cozmo is a real-life robot like you've only seen in movies, with a one-of-a-kind personali....
$462.99 @ Amazon.com
Gummy Bear Night Lights
Colorful and adorable to add ambience to any décor.. Squeezable belly on/off switch.. L....
$25.99 @ Amazon.com
Personalized Goodnight Little Me Book
Treat your little one to a personalized goodnight, courtesy of this beautifully illustrate....
$35.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
This knotty little puzzle is all about thinking inside the box. The brainchild of Dutch in....
$17.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Personalized Kids Aprons - Junior Chef Design
Personalized with any title and name with your choice of design Youth white, full-length a....
$15.39 @ PersonalizationMall.com
Personalized Name Meaning Canvas Art Print 12x12
Canvas is gallery wrapped on wood frame bars Giclée method printing using water-based lat....
$24.99 @ PersonalizationMall.com
Kids' Socks Subscription
2 new pairs of crazy creative socks for kids (from ages 3 and up) sent every month. These ....
$14.00 @ SockPanda.com
Playful Sports Mugs
"The world would be better if we could play with our food!" That's the maxim of Max, the k....
$25.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Personalized Kids Suitcases - Flowers Rolling..
Features a front accessory pocket, two side pockets, a telescopic handle and large wheels ....
$47.99 @ PersonalizationMall.com
Precious Moments Personalized Bible For Girls
The Bible's padded leatherette cover is available in white or burgundy and printed with an....
$34.39 @ PersonalizationMall.com
Personalized Kids Sweatshirt For Girls - Her..
Personalize with any nameThe first letter of the name will be used for the initial of the ....
$25.59 @ PersonalizationMall.com

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