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ADD A TOUCH OF CLASS TO EVERY GLASS - Sovrano's stylish Wine Gems are made from food safe stainless steel and will never stain or rust. These reusable wine chillers are sure to be a conversation piece at any get together.. ELEGANT ALTERNATIVE TO ICE - Many people enjoy chilled wine but are too embarrassed to put ice in their wine. Wine Gems provide a stylish and functional alternative to keep both red and white wines chilled without diluting your favorite beverage.. NEW MUST-HAVE WINE ACCESSORY - Each package comes with four Wine Gems, which allows wine drinkers the option of using a single Gem or multiple Gems depending on the type of wine and personal taste preferences. Wine Gems can also be used as an alternative to whiskey stones or as a chiller for champagne, spirits, soda or any other beverage of your choice.. BEAUTIFUL GIFT PACKAGING - Give the wine lover in your life something unique, thoughtful, and unexpected. Each Wine Gem has the Sovrano logo laser etched and every package includes a Sovrano storage pouch for safe keeping. Present Wine Gems to your favorite wine lover on Mother's Day, Father's Day, A Special Birthday, Anniversary or any occasion.. ORDER WITHOUT RISK - Click 'Add to Cart' and a lifetime warranty from Sovrano will automatically be applied to your order. Simply contact Sovrano directly if you have any issues with this product..

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