Personalized Wine Making Kit with Barrel

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Professional winemakers wax poetic about their careers. Planting vines, nurturing the grapes as they grow, walking the vineyard during harvest, bottling the magic, and watching people enjoy the literal fruits of your labors - it all comes together to create an unforgettable experience. Now you can give that feeling in the form of a wine gift with this Wine Making Kit with Barrel, so your favorite oenophile can see what it's like to pour their very own housemade Chardonnay. This one-stop-shop kit includes everything the lucky recipient needs to make an extra-large batch of wine: 5-liter American White Oak barrel (toasted for extra flavor, of course), barrel stand, bung, spigot, yeast and barrel seasoning, fermentation jug, crystal-display thermometer, must... it's truly a comprehensive stash, which is amazing since the last thing you want to do is wrap up a present that doesn't have all its parts. Nope, this gift for wine lovers is ready to spring into action the minute everyone stops congratulating you on your stellar choice. Go the extra mile and opt for personalization, adding the recipient's name to the front of the barrel so their brew never gets nabbed by any unscrupulous passersby. In just 30 days, your someone special could make water into wine. Are you ready to taste test? The Kit includes: The kit includes everything you need to make 1 gallon of Cabernet wine and age it to perfection in an American White Oak Wine Barrel. This includes: 5 Liter American White Oak Barrel (Toasted) Barrel Stand, Bung & Spigot Wine Turbo Yeast & Barrel Seasoning 1 Gallon Fermentation Jug with Cap and Airlock Liquid Crystal Display Thermometer Sterilizer Powder Must (concentrated juice) Siphon Hose & Pinch Clamp Racking Tube & Antiseptic Tip Instructions Simply follow the easy to read instructions and in 30 days you have one gallon of GREAT TASTING WINE! Shipping: This product is personalized and made in United States. Each order goes through customization and a rigorous quality assurance process which takes around 3-7 business days. This is in addition to the shipping time. Please be mindful of this timeline before placing your order.

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