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Once upon a time (and to this day, in many cultures), brewing tea was a ceremonial experience. There were many rituals involved and time was a secondary factor - if, indeed, time was factored in at all. Then came the sensory experience of sipping on the tasty brew and reveling in all the flavors as they dance across taste bud after taste bud. Today's fast-paced world makes hard to dedicate a chunk of each morning to traditional brewing methods but that doesn't mean flavor has to go out the window. This Blair Glass Travel Infused Mug by Pinky Up takes tea making on-the-go, making it easier than ever for your English Breakfast-addicted loved ones to enjoy a piping hot cup of refreshment even on the busiest of days. This handy unit can cold brew white or green tea for a soft, subtle experience, or pour in piping hot water for a strong cup of something fantastically caffeinated. Pile the detachable strainer and infused full of loose-leaf orange pekoe, spoon in some Earl Grey, or pair a bag of hibiscus with some fresh orange peel for a tart-and-sweet twist. The mug's double-wall construction keeps cold tea cold and hot tea hot while the outer wall is always cool to the touch. Thanks to this ingenious infuser, the morning commute has never tasted - or looked - so good. Details: 16 oz capacity Infuse tea on-the-go Double-walled construction keeps contents hot or cold longer Exterior wall stays cool to the touch Includes detachable strainer and infuser for your loose leaf tea Hand wash recommended

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