Moonshine Gentlemen's Cologne

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Back in the day, men used to dab their fingers in whiskey and flick it behind their ears to improve their natural aroma. The scent of a long day's ride on a dirty horse couldn't hold a candle to a spritz of bathtub gin. And ooooh boy did the ladies love it. After all, who needs a bath and some clean clothes when you can just style your hair with a fifth of rum? Yeah… that's not exactly accurate. But there is something nice about the good old days, in particular the idea that self-care could be simple. No mud masks and cucumbers on your eyes. No pedicures and beard oil. All that's fine, but what about a return to basics - but even better? Truth be told, this Moonshine Gentlemen's Cologne is anything but a gimmick. This timeless scent incorporates everything from black pepper and tobacco to leather, gin, and patchouli. It's woodsy with a hint of happy hour, and the packaging is just as memorable. Each bottle comes with a burlap travel sack and wooden storage box, so you know this is one gift he'll never forget. Grab a bottle for the guy who is somewhere between scrub and hipster - you know, the one who wants to smell good without seeming like he spent a lot of time smelling good. No frills, no filler, just quality and an updated twist on classic cologne for the gentleman who's proud to be a gentleman. Be bold - Bask in the MOONSHINE PRODUCT INFO Product Size: 3.4 Fl Ounces / 100 ML Package includes cologne, burlap travel sack, and wooden storage box Ingredients: Water, Fragrance, Alcohol Due to the nature of cosmetics, all sales are final.

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