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Welcome to the tech age, where geek is chic and you can win Dungeons and Dragons AND still get the girl. Fashion and function are more in sync than ever. What does that mean for you? For starters, there's no excuse for pocket protectors and high-waisted pants anymore (unless that's truly your vibe, and which case you do you, bro!). Silicon Valley is as much about the look as it is about the work product, so it's time to step up your style game and find some accessories that match your aesthetic. Kick things off with these Circuit Board Cuff Links. Made from pieces of recycled circuit board, these links are mounted on silver plated settings and covered in a glossy resin so they don't get scuffed up during an all-nighter coding session. They're the perfect gift for a computer guru or dedicated programmer who needs to dress up but doesn't want to leave their IT obsession behind. Imagine these paired with a tux for an extra nerdy wedding day or worn with a suit for that big investor pitch. Give them as a good luck charm, a thank you, or just a way to acknowledge that you love your man's style almost as much as his smarts. These make wonderful groomsmen gifts, father's day gifts, and even technically unsavvy can appreciate these! SPECIFICATION Pieces of recycled circuit board have been cut and shaped to fit into silver plated cuff links The circuits are covered in glossy resin, which is both beautiful and protective The circuit part of each cuff link is 3/4 inches (16 mm) across Available in Green Color Only

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