"HOTTIE" Morse Code Necklace

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So you know someone who's a hottie. Game recognizes game, right? Maybe you have a significant other who is so en fuego you can barely believe you're lucky enough to be their better half, or perhaps you have a BFF who is some kind of wonderful and you want them to know you know what they know. You know? Either way, it's time to step up and deliver a gift that allows your favorite stunner to show off their style as well as their natural tendency to be the cutest chick in the room. This "HOTTIE" Morse Code Necklace is fashion, art, and affection all rolled into one cheeky little gift. At first glance, it's a pretty piece of jewelry featuring a smattering of gold- or silver-plated beads and findings. But for those clever enough to realize those dots and dashes have a deeper meaning, the necklace is actually the word HOTTIE in Morse Code. Grab this unique gift for the lady in your life who is a total dreamboat. They'll be able to pair your present with everything from a casual romper to their best boardroom attire, all the while basking in the secret knowledge that their newest piece of bling has a very secret, very special meaning. PRODUCT INFO: Necklace: 16" + 2" extender Gold or silver plated beads and findings Includes free 100% recycled white gift box with gold foil print Everything is handmade in NYC The metal beads, chains, and findings are plated in Japan for its high quality

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