Gifts for Teenagers

Stainless Steel Bill Fold With ID
Used by astronauts, architects, and surgeons, the signature stainless steel material used ....
$74.00 @
BestSelf Co.: The Self Journal
Turn lofty goals into smaller, daily action items—and see what you can achieve. This kee....
$31.95 @
World Of Flavor Chocolate Bars
Treat your taste buds to a world tour of flavors with Lavanya Selvaraj and Neethu Viswanat....
$45.00 @
Tapplock: Smart Fingerprint Padlock - Sterling..
This connected lock can read fingerprints, respond to a Morse code sequence, or unlock dir....
$99.00 @
Jewelry Organizer Roll
Keep your accoutrements safe in style with this boldly patterned roll-up jewelry organizer....
$35.00 @
Women's Mermaid Socks
Do you hear the magical call of the ocean? Are your legs sometimes wobbly on dry land? Cha....
$18.00 @
Custom Embroidered Beach Towel Chair Cover
They are sure to make a splash at the beach or poolside with our fun All About Me Embroide....
$29.99 @
Horizon Sand Bracelet
Like a miniature mosaic, this charming coastal cuff resembles the shoreline and sky split ....
$195.00 @
Farts In A Jar
"Pull my finger" just got an electronic upgrade. Farts in a Jar captures the fun—but not....
$11.99 @
Unicorn Cuff
Rare and magical?just like your style. Rebecca Allen's unicorn cuff is a playful way to br....
$39.00 @
Rocketbook: Reusable Cloud Synced Notebook
Physical, digital, and reusable. Write in this notebook, scan pages to the cloud with the ....
$27.00 @
WITTI Design: Beddi Style Smart Alarm Clock
Drift off to white noise and wake up with gradual light, your favorite song, a traffic rep....
$49.95 @
FuelBox: BoostPack Power Bank
Power your devices anywhere. FuelBox turns a three-prong outlet into a five-device chargin....
$59.95 @
AirBolt: GPS Connected Smart Travel Lock
Lock your suitcase from your phone and track it, too. This Bluetooth connected lock does b....
$79.95 @
MLB Game Used Uniform Wallet
With an interior divider made of a swatch of a game-used jersey from your choice of 6 diff....
$160.00 @
Drumstick Pen Set
When working, it's important to get into a rhythm. Get that rhythm rolling with the Drumst....
$7.99 @
Pancake And Syrup Jelly Beans
Breakfast in pill form has long been a future we could only dream of. Fortunately, dreams ....
$2.50 @
Baseball Dartboard
Combining the thrill of America's favorite pastime with the casual fun of a bar favorite, ....
$120.00 @
Bluetooth Droplet Speaker
Turn up your favorite jams in the shower or at the pool without fear of splashing your pho....
$75.00 @
Olloclip: IPhone 6/6+ Camera 4-In-1 Lens
Snap these quick-change lenses onto your smartphone’s camera and capture amazing shots w....
$79.95 @
According to folklore, an ancient Chinese farmer tied his hat to a string so he wouldn't l....
$20.00 @
Pizza Grow Kit
That'll be one pizza?to grow! Inside the recycled egg carton planter you'll find peat and ....
$12.00 @
Wooden State Journal
Bearing a birch inlay in the shape of your choice of US state, this journal's sustainably ....
$40.00 @
Wraps: Classic Wristband Headphones
Wear these headphones like a bracelet—people will never suspect with their stealthy desi....
$19.95 @
ProShot: Waterproof Camera IPhone Case
From the top of a mountain to a deep-sea dive, these cases let you capture the memories—....
$119.95 @
GEKO: GPS Connected Safety Whistle
This whistle tracks your location and—with a blow or the press of a button—sends your ....
$39.95 @
Fitness Bottle With Phone Holding Sleeve
Stay hydrated while keeping your phone, keys, and other essentials at hand with this cleve....
$13.98 @
Monkey Arm Speaker And Radio
Take the Beach Boys to the beach or the Monkeys on a road trip with this go-anywhere Bluet....
$79.00 @
Custom Morse Code Necklace
They say the best hiding spot is in plain sight. Carrying a hidden message in Morse code, ....
$65.00 @
Under The Same Moon Pendant
Kathy Bransfield credits quotations for uplifting her through many of life's most challeng....
$84.00 @

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