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Reclaimed Instrument Bottle Openers
You'll never hear the "can't find the bottle opener" blues when one of Ward Wallau's tunew....
$95.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Inspirational Geode Bath Bombs
Each of these handmade luxury bath bombs is a doozy of a "druzy": they turn the water diff....
$34.95 @ Uncommongoods.com
Lil' Mib (Message In A Box)
With Lil' Mib, you can leave a sweet nothing for your little one or the love of your life.....
$66.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
What Wood You Say? Wooden Desk Phrases
Wise words spring to life in these bright desk sculptures. Artist Matthew Hoffman draws an....
$50.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Constantin Brainteasers
Come across a Jean Claude Constantin puzzle and you might think, "Sure don't make them lik....
$20.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Beer Bottle Chilling Coaster Set
Prepare this stone coaster set in your refrigerator or freezer, and then carry the caddy t....
$68.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Superfood Lattes-To-Go
Every hipster in the coffee shop seems to be drinking one, but you feel silly asking: What....
$20.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Plantable Wish Cards
Perfect as party favors or a treat to yourself, these plantable wish cards encourage you t....
$10.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Salted Honey
Fragrant wildflower honey from the Hudson Valley is infused with sea salt to create an add....
$14.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set
Savor a subtle version of a fine single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. They fe....
$35.95 @ Uncommongoods.com
Ceramic Self-Draining Soap Dish
In the world of bathroom decor, the soap dish is sadly often an oversight?and kind of a so....
$24.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Recycled Aluminum Moving Mosaic
When are recycled aluminum cans a thing of beauty? When they're the material used in Hanna....
$1160.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Wicker Bird Bungalow
Just like us humans, sometimes birds just want to go on a tropical vacation. This thatched....
$35.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Magical Kindling Cuff
On the island of Maui, Hawaii, within dense rainforest bustling with life, rainbow eucalyp....
$275.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Women Who Dared Blocks
Build a sturdy foundation of women's history knowledge?one block at a time. This 32-piece,....
$64.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Bottle Opener Slot Game
Cracking open your favorite beer is always exciting. But what if we told you you could dou....
$70.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
DIY Wildflower Seed Ball Kit
This DIY kit lets you make your own little botanical bombs that explode into rainbows of c....
$23.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Custom Pet Illustration
Pet people are a passionate breed. It's the kind of devotion that deserves to be put on di....
$180.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Natural Oil Paint Kit
Let's talk about your go-to oil paint. Yes, it helped you produce that beautiful landscape....
$46.95 @ Uncommongoods.com
Open-Minded Family Mugs
In your house, there's only one rule: respect everyone and everything. Jeana Greulach's ha....
$48.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Bubble List
What's that special goal you're working toward? Running a marathon? Planning a wedding? Fi....
$20.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Live Succulent Plant Necklace
Bring new life to your look with this unique necklace from designer Larissa Loden. The pen....
$38.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Handmade Wooden Foot Massager
A journey of a thousand miles may begin with a single step, but your feet still have to wa....
$34.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Tiki Cocktail Glasses
A successful luau should include: Grass skirts, a ukulele, these tiki glasses. While you w....
$144.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Pressed Wildflower Pitcher
As sweet as a midsummer day in the country, Colleen Huth's handmade pitcher pours out pure....
$76.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Taco Cat Bed
A few observable facts: 1) Cats sleep ? of their lives, twice as much as humans do. 2) The....
$48.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Heart Center Garden Stakes
It is believed in certain Hindi traditions that your true self can be found in the cave of....
$25.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Custom Pet Pillows
For all the games you've played, walks you've taken, and days you've spent in the fine com....
$145.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Copper Spiral Sprinkler
Let your sprinkler take center stage for a change with this kinetic sculpture. Handcrafted....
$240.00 @ Uncommongoods.com
Beeswax Reusable Sandwich Wrap
Are you bugged by how much garbage is casually thrown away every day? Switch plastic baggi....
$11.00 @ Uncommongoods.com

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