Gold Pebble Heart Necklace
Christine Street once kept a silver pebble charm in her pocket-- a soothing, tactile talisman that h....
$76.00 @
Circle Of Love - Mother
She showed you her her love is endless. Show her the feeling is definitely mutual with Mary Sterator....
$50.00 @
Circle Of Love - Daughter
Show your daughter your love for her is endless with Mary Steratore's delicate circular pendant, whi....
$45.00 @
Vintage Stamp Jewels: Family Tree Necklace With..
A personalized, elegant gift for her. Choose the number of charms—and the birthstones—....
$28.80 @
A 7/8" disc is hand stamped and personalized with your specific location coordinates! A sterling sil....
$34.00 @
A 1" washer is hand stamped and personalized with your specific location coordinates! A small silver....
$29.50 @
Each 3/8" [9.5mm] disc is personalized with one hand stamped initial in our lowercase script style f....
$20.00 @
Antique Gold Aspen Necklace
This stunning aspen leaf necklace takes more than seven hours to make, from harvest to the finished ....
$44.00 @
Personalized Crescent Moon Necklace
In Ian Gibson's lunar tribute to motherhood, a sterling silver crescent moon cradles up to four twin....
$125.00 @
Custom Sandbox Cube Necklace
Don a demure homage to your favorite beach with this geometric pendant hand-fashioned by Holly Danie....
$110.00 @
DIY Semi Precious Necklace Kit
Take a hands-on approach to your jewelry collection by handcrafting your own necklace with this easy....
$45.00 @
Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace
Lace and luster combine to elegant effect in this delicate heart necklace, designed by Tulianna and ....
$42.00 @
Love Bird Heart Necklace
Dancing beak to beak, this pair of sterling silver lovebirds will leave you twitterpated. Swooping d....
$72.00 @
Motherhood Tree Of Life Custom Necklace
Britta Ambauen's handmade locket is a wearable tribute to the nurturing power of motherhood. Compose....
$155.00 @
Personalized Silver Bangle Bracelet
Our Silver Bangle Personalized Name Bracelet keeps you in style at all times! Personalize the slim h....
$22.95 @
This sterling silver washer necklace is hand stamped to say "i love you more". This is a cute way to....
$43.00 @
Color Wheel Pendant
A bright tribute to all things colorful and creative, this beautifully crafted necklace was made usi....
$34.00 @
Nature's Healing Touch Copper Beaded Bracelet
Beautiful and powerful, copper is a natural healer. For centuries it has been thought to ease the pa....
$79.00 @
Follow Your Dreams Locket
Stamped with a dandelion about to blow in the wind, this locket-inspired necklace by Britta Ambauen ....
$58.00 @
Momma Bird Cuff
A charming homage to motherhood, this personalized cuff by Nancy Nelson showcases a line of birds to....
$100.00 @
Personalized Silver Name Plate Necklace
Our celebrity inspired Silver Personalized Name Plate Necklace is the perfect modern piece of jewelr....
$34.95 @
Re.Design: Loopit Tangle-Free Earbud Necklace
Magnets keep these headphones tangle-free. And the design is disguised as a necklace so you can have....
$39.95 @
Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree
Natural Manzanita (little apple tree) branches are hand-selected from the high desert of southern Ca....
$100.00 @
Glass Globe Of Friendship Necklace
When it came to her world, best friends made it go 'round. Celebrate such a sentiment with Catherine....
$85.00 @
Anatomical Heart Pendant
For the romantic with a fondness for the macabre, this anatomical accessory lays bare the mysterious....
$180.00 @
Strong Women Pendant
Bearing the inscription, Strong Women--May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them, this pen....
$129.00 @
Red Fingerprint Heart Design Premium Trinket Box
This customizable Red fingerprint heart design premium trinket box is designed on the premium gift b....
$23.70 @
You Are My Sunshine Necklace
Inspired by the special people in our lives, this charming pendant by Christine Streetis brimming wi....
$60.00 @
Photo Locket Necklace
This customizable Photo Locket Necklace is designed on the necklace and would interest those who lik....
$31.95 @
Liquid Metal: Mesh Cuff Bracelet
Luxurious metal mesh truly feels like it’s melting into your skin, while making a hip stateme....
$109.00 @

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