AquaSonic Waveâ„¢ Jewelry Cleaning System
Get Your Jewelry Clean, Sparkling And Dirt-Free! The World’S Easiest Jewelry Cleaning System!....
$59.50 @
Navy Blue, Yellow Chevron Pattern | Your..
This customizable Navy Blue, Yellow Chevron Pattern | Your Monogram Charm Bracelet is designed on th....
$24.25 @
Fabulous Choices True Romantic 3 Layered..
An ultra feminine design just screams classic romance! Now, share a lovely fashion statement with th....
$69.00 @
Antique Gold Aspen Necklace
This stunning aspen leaf necklace takes more than seven hours to make, from harvest to the finished ....
$44.00 @
Precious Dipped Lace Heart Necklace
Lace and luster combine to elegant effect in this delicate heart necklace, designed by Tulianna and ....
$42.00 @
Engraved Sterling Silver Link Bracelet With..
Create a special gift for your sweetheart with a custom message you create for her alone!With your c....
$69.95 @
Motherhood Tree Of Life Custom Necklace
Britta Ambauen's handmade locket is a wearable tribute to the nurturing power of motherhood. Compose....
$155.00 @
Natural Wonders Desert Sunset Gemstone Women's..
The colors in a desert sunset are as beautiful as the scenery! Now, wear the treasures of the southw....
$49.00 @
Gilded Branches Jewelry Tree
Natural Manzanita (little apple tree) branches are hand-selected from the high desert of southern Ca....
$100.00 @
Anatomical Heart Pendant
For the romantic with a fondness for the macabre, this anatomical accessory lays bare the mysterious....
$180.00 @
Strong Women Pendant
Bearing the inscription, Strong Women--May we know them, may we raise them, may we be them, this pen....
$129.00 @
I See Myself In You Pendant
Through its mirrored roundel, Andrea Panico's sterling silver pendant offers a simple, self-reflecti....
$65.00 @
Birth Month Flower Earrings
An unknown author once wrote, "Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower." Sharing ....
$40.00 @
Starry Friends Necklace
With its whimsical design and clever interplay of shapes and text, this necklace by artist ....
Glass Memory Locket
Keep an open heart and a full locket with this fillable glass pendant made to keep personal tokens c....
$49.00 @
Urban Gridded Jewelry
At first glance, it looks like something out of nature. Look closer and the grid of your favorite ci....
$40.00 @
Custom Beach Bracelets
Imagine always being able to stay in touch with your favorite, mellow memories of a day at the beach....
$185.00 @
Personalized Sterling Silver Heart Necklace
Our delicate Just for Her Personalized Heart Pendant is a simple necklace she is sure to cherish. We....
$29.95 @
'Remember What Is Important' Necklace
Remember what is important to you." A simple phrase that carries so much meaning finds new life as a....
$68.00 @
Mother Nestling Birds Necklace
Inspired by moms but made for anyone who takes others under her wing, this recycled sterling silver ....
$79.00 @
Gold Astrology Cuff
Handmade by artist Julie Nolan, each mythical cuff charts your birth month constellation in solid br....
$70.00 @
Latitude Longitude Pendant
Picture for a moment that perfect place?your childhood home, a summertime retreat, or some dreamlike....
$175.00 @
Loved Locket
An artist's take on the traditional locket, this necklace is destined to become a treasured piece. D....
$40.00 @
Love Of Family Necklace
Carry the love of family wherever you go with this beautiful necklace by Kathy Bransfield. Made from....
$78.00 @
Trinity Wooden Cuff
Henry Wischusen cuts against the grain of traditional jewelry design by crafting this cuff from natu....
$45.00 @
Island And Lake Custom Silhouette Necklace
From dives off the dock of your grandparents' lakehouse to tumbles in the roiling sea that surrounds....
$130.00 @
More Than All The Stars Necklace
Cut from a jagged slice of recycled sterling silver, Laurel Denise's unique pendant offers the stell....
$78.00 @
"Grandma" Heart Necklace"
The gold-filled tricolor locket is a wonderful gift to celebrate grandma. This necklace features a h....
$31.52 @
I Love U 2 The Moon And Back Necklace
Looking for a way to tell your loved one how much you care? This crescent moon-shaped pendant, what ....
$52.24 @
Jellyfish Necklace
I have always loved jellyfish - watching them gracefully pulse through the ocean is incredible." - C....
$85.00 @

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