Forever Love 12-Diamond Infinity Bracelet
The love you share goes beyond space and time; it is an infinite gift to cherish forever. Now, celeb....
$129.00 @
The New InterCourses Cookbook
The 10th anniversary edition of InterCourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook includes over 135 recipes util....
$25.50 @
Personalized Sweethearts Photo Collage Frame
Capture all the wonderful memories of you and your loved one with our Sweethearts Photo Collage Fram....
$33.95 @
Personalized Red Rose - Wedding & Anniversary -..
Express your eternal love to your sweetheart with our Forever In Love Personalized Rose.Carefully se....
$89.95 @
PJ Harlow: Satin & Cotton Loungewear Set
The Grommet team discovers womens loungewear by PJ Harlow, beautiful silky pajamas for women. Femini....
$185.00 @
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LOVE IS ART: Intimate Art Kit
The Grommet team discovers the Love is Art Kit; an intimate abstract painting technique that you can....
$60.00 @
Personalized Silver Fortune Cookie Gift -..
What good fortune lies ahead for your special someone? Give them a hint in your own unique way with....
$15.95 @
Aphrodisia Love Potion Cocktail Kit
Since time immemorial, lovers have looked to nature for help in producing a potion that could spark ....
$42.00 @
Aria Handmade: Bora Infinity Scarf
Bora Scarf by Aria Handmade discovered by The Grommet. Soft, hypoallergenic, eclectic in look and fe....
$32.00 @
Savino: Enthusiast Wine Saver Carafe
This carafe wine preserver, discovered by The Grommet, is elegantly designed not only to serve wine,....
$24.95 @
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Designhype: Metro Cuffs
Designhype jewelry discovered by The Grommet is inspired by the cities we know and love, this jewelr....
$45.00 @
Personalized Love Story - Hard Cover
Everyone appreciates a good love story, especially their own! Each page of the LoveBook has a reason....
$44.95 @
Premium Spa Wine Gift Basket
If there’s a special woman in your life who deserves to be pampered, make her feel like a goddess ....
$124.99 @
Custom Beach Necklaces
Carry a piece of sun, sand and surf wherever you go with Holly Daniels Christensen's beachy pendants....
$155.00 @
Personalized Pillowcase Set - Blown Away By Love
For the newly married couple ... pillowcases for two! Each has their own, but it's always nicer to ....
$36.95 @
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Personalized Picture Frames - You Name It
Make any event memorable with our You Name It Personalized Photo Frame. This one-of-a-kind frame is....
$22.90 @
Helicopter Tours
Enjoy breathtaking views of your favorite city with a scenic helicopter tour. Your pilot will fly yo....
$250.00 @
Spinning Message Necklace - I Love You
This spinning disc carries a message for you. It's as timeless as a poem and won't grow old and fade....
$29.95 @
8"x10" Personalized Canvas Art From Your Voice!
With Voice Art, you can transform your words into a masterpiece, ready to give to your loved one. V....
$75.00 @
Personalized Wine Bottles - Heart
Create a truly romantic mood and a memorable evening for your valentine this year with our Personali....
$74.95 @
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Personalized Chocolate Body Paint - Dessert's On..
After your romantic dinner for two, save room for dessert with our award winning personalized Chocol....
$19.95 @
Personalized Valentine's Day Keepsake Gifts -..
Artfully designed with a heart that is made up of any names you choose....up to 8 names can be inclu....
$23.95 @
Lover's Knot Diamond Stud Sterling Silver Earrings
It is said that the original Lover's Knot was created by sailors in the 16th century to remind them ....
$99.00 @
1 Acre Of Land On The Moon
1 acre on the Moon - Yes It's true! You can purchase land on the Moon. 100% legal and real! Moon pro....
$29.99 @
Sabona Lady Turquoise Magnetic - Ladies Bracelet
Turquoise stones highlight antique stainless steel in the popular rope design. The Lady Turquoise Ma....
$67.49 @
Midnight Serenade Black And White Diamond..
Filled with romance, mystery and a star-filled sky, the midnight hour is beyond dazzling. Now, you c....
$149.00 @
Love Always Diamond Heart Watch With Engraving
The beauty of diamonds, the treasure of gold and hearts for true love come together in an elegant wo....
$297.00 @
Artisan Glass Bracelet Inspired By Thomas..
Rich with romance, steeped in history, and home to some of the most skilled artisans in the world, V....
$79.00 @
Sabona Lady Executive Dress Gold Duet Magnetic -..
The Lady Dress Gold Duet is a lovely way to wear a magnetic bracelet. One 1200 gauss samarium cobalt....
$62.99 @
The Ultimate Love 30-Charm Bracelet
For centuries, hearts have come to symbolize the many riches of true love. Now, in an exclusive fine....
$249.00 @

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Women

Show your love on February 14th with a gift from the heart. has plenty of romantic and fun Valentine's Day gift ideas for women. Choose from the traditional bouquet of red roses, a variety of luscious chocolates, and of course, mouth-watering jewelry. Fill our personalized glass candy jar with Hershey's Kisses for the lady with a sweet tooth, or our favorite "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" pillow case set.

Celebrate your Valentine with a beautiful expression of your affection - the Bradford Exchange handcrafted sterling silver three-ring set with 11 genuine diamonds, engraved sentiments inside each band to wear together or individually will set her heart pounding the moment she opens this beautiful gift set. Or show her that true love never ends with a Love Never Ends personalized diamond and birthstone pendant in sterling silver, engraved with your names and complete with your birthstones inset. For extra savory fun, give her a dozen Juicy red strawberries hand-dipped with fancy toppings - what gift could be more passionate? These mouthwatering culinary creations come arranged with baby's breath and fern for an extraordinary, one-of-a-kind gift! offers custom art, personalized picture frames, delicious wine baskets and many more gifts you'll swear were custom designed just to make your true love's Valentine's Day as romantic and fun as you want it to be.

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