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Did you know that the average cell phone is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet! Eeew! Now think about how we place these bacteria bombs in our dark and warm pockets where bacteria breeds best. Then, think about how often it touches your face, your hands and directly or indirectly your children and you'll start looking for a way to disinfect right away. People with young children who love putting things in their mouth and elderly folks with weakened immune systems will especially benefit from getting PhoneSoap as a gift, but honestly, anyone with a phone needs it! PhoneSoap uses UV light to safely and non-toxically sterilize cell phones while charging it. But, what is PhoneSoap? It's a little case, sort of like an eyeglasses case, with UV lights inside, sort of like a tanning bed for your phone. The lights will destroy 99.9% of bacteria in minutes. The lights are guaranteed for up to 240,000 minutes of disinfecting magic; which is the lifespan of the lights. Put it on the nightstand or counter to do its work at night so that you don't miss a waking minute of talk time. Keep one at your desk for intermittent sterilizing throughout the day. PhoneSoap neutralizes bacteria with light and doesn't use any liquids, dangerous temperatures or toxic chemicals so it's completely safe to have around kids or anywhere. Because the light surrounds the phone, it sterilizes all of the phone's surfaces and all of the surfaces of anything you can fit in there! Toothbrush maybe? And, with two charging ports, PhoneSoap is the only charging sterilizer out there. This is the perfect gift for germaphobes, gadget geeks, parents, people who work in high-traffic places or hospitals, and anyone looking to not get sick so much! It makes a surprising stocking stuffer or gift any time of the year but is especially crucial during the winter months when dangerous flu germs are at peak levels. Specifications: UV Sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs Safely sanitizes anything that you put in it Amplifier allows rings and alarms to be heard while in use 2 charging ports let you charge your phone while it's cleaned Cleaning pad included for on-the-go maintenance

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