Decanting Wine Glass (Set of 2)

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This elegant hand-blown design is a perfect fusion of form and function. It's not often that form and function share equal billing in the wine world. True connoisseurs spend thousands of dollars on gadgets and glassware that promise to make each sip of vintage Bordeaux or pricey Napa Cab taste mind-blowingly delicious. But all those fancy decanters and varietal-specific wine glasses can get a little cumbersome ... so it's a good thing they're about to meet their match.If you've ever hoped for a decanter and glass in one, that day has arrived. This Revolutionary Wine Glass (Set of 2) features a cutting-edge spiral that extends from the bottom of the glass's bowl into the stem. As you swirl your wine, sediment is naturally separated out and caught in that spiral, essentially straining or filtering the wine as you're enjoying it. No pouring through a mesh sieve into a decanter or chewing tannic sediment when you'd rather be chewing a ribeye. It's fast, it's easy, and it makes drinking stuff from your grandparents' cellar a lot more fun.A beautiful gift suitable for casual wine drinkers and oenophiles alike, these Revolutionary Wine Glasses are just what anyone with a home bar or wine collection needs to savor each glass to the fullest. PRODUCT INFO: Handmade Dishwasher safe. They can also be hand-washed. For best results, rinse out immediately after use. Size: 9.5" high and 3.5" wide Holds 18oz

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