Instant Champagne/Mimosa Kit

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This instant champagne/mimosa kit makes it easier than ever. No crushing up fruit and straining seedy purees. No need to buy a bunch of different juices that won't be fully consumed. Instead, all you have to do is mix one of the instant mimosa kits' mini LUXE BUBBLIES Sugar Cubes in a glass of sparkling wine and you've got an instant champagne/mimosa. With strawberry, raspberry, and peach cubes to choose from, a beautiful bellini is only a plop plop fizz fizz away. Just wrap this up, give it to a fellow brunch lover, and all that's left to do is scramble some eggs and soak up the day. SPECIFICATIONS A complete set of all of our mini LUXE BUBBLIES Sugar Cubes. Just drop one Peach cube into a glass of champagne to make an instant bellini for example! Dimensions: 4" l x 1.1" w x 6" h Weight: 0.25 lb PRODUCT INFO Fruity pack includes Strawberry, Raspberry, and Peach luxe bubblies sugar cubes Citrussy pack includes Arcadia Orange, Lemon, and Grapefruit luxe bubblies sugar cubes Recommended with brut/less sweet sparkling wine, sparkling water, iced teas

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